Friday, October 31, 2014

Photo Friday- It's Halloween!! (Part 1)

Happy Halloween everyone!  Are you ready to see all the little Elsa's, goblins, and ghosts tonight?  I know that we are ready here.  The candy is in the candy bowl, costumes are ready, and photos have been taken.  Yes, I made my boys get in their costumes last night so we could get some photos before we started trick-or-treating tonight.  One reason is that it is supposed to be a little chilly tonight and last night wasn't too bad.  Also, it seems like there is never enough time after to school to get costumes on, eat supper, and get going.  This year we did some fun photos the night before.  As you can see this is Part 1 of 2 for our Halloween memories so be sure to stop back later for more fun photos.  I know a lot of you have been excited to see what our theme is this year.  I did share this photo last night on Facebook just as a little teaser. 

I will reveal this year's theme at the end of this post, but first a little trip down memory lane going back to 2008 when we started doing our themed costumes. 

2008- Alvin and the Chipmunks
2009- The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

2010- Crayons

2011- Star Wars

2012- The Avengers

2013- Super Mario Bros.
2014- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Be sure to stop back tomorrow for more fun photos of the Ninja Turtles and a couple of surprise guests.  I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween.  Thanks for stopping!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Photo Friday- The Pumpkin Patch

You'd think that after almost two months of the boys all being in school that I would have a great routine and be creating scrapbook layouts and cards, taking tons of photos, and getting it all blogged!  Well, as you might guess I'm not!  I really do want to get on a better blogging schedule and am really setting that as one of my goals.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I do have another family photo session coming up this weekend so you have that to look forward to.  I'm also ordering a ton of pictures this week so I'm getting down in my craft room and getting all of those memories in the books.  Wish me luck.

Today I'm sharing what has become one of our favorite fall traditions.  Our trip to the pumpkin patch.  We've been going to Vala's Pumpkin Patch every year for the last 11 years!  We always plan on spending the whole day there because there is so much to do!  This year we tried something different and went during the week.  It was amazing!!  The crowds were minimal, parking was excellent, and there were almost no lines!  We are definitely going to go during the week from now on.  There are so many things to do that we never can get to everything.  This year was no exception.  When we left all of the boys were telling us about the things we didn't get to!  Maybe next year.  Some of our favorite activities this year were the new Barnyard Sports, the Pie Barn, and of course the hayrack ride.  Thanks for stopping.

This tractor was my favorite thing at Vala's this year.  I just love it!!
They are the happiest tractor couple I've ever seen. 

Taking a hayrack ride out to the pumpkin patch is still one of my favorite things to do at Vala's.

Having some fun at lunch time.

The inside of the new Pie Barn is absolutely gorgeous!

The pig races are always a favorite.  See you next year.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Photo Friday- Missy the Mantis

With four boys in the house bugs are always a topic of conversation.  So much in fact that one of my boys wants to be a 'bug expert'.  Most of the time I don't get involved in those conversations.  Bugs aren't really my thing.  Until this time.  Almost two weeks ago we noticed a praying mantis on one of the flowering plants by our front door.  We checked it out and I took a couple of pictures thinking it would be gone the next day.  I was wrong.  Like I said, it's been almost two weeks and it is still there!  From the little information I have looked up on the Internet I am thinking that this mantis is a female (which we have named Missy) and we are hoping that she will be laying an egg sac in our plant.  Everyday we go and see where she is.  Some days she is really hiding and others she is out in the open.  We have watched her catch a fly and I even watched her devour a grasshopper.  I go and check on her a few times a day and of course I have taken some pictures.  I'm a little obsessed with her.  If you don't like blood and guts leave my blog now.  I'm warning you that some of these photos are a little graphic.  Enjoy!

I believe she was cleaning herself after eating a fly. 

My favorite photo of our 'pet'. 

This is the really graphic one.  That is a grasshopper that she is eating.  She decapitates it. 

Still eating the grasshopper.  Notice the missing head. 

I'm pretty sure that is one of the grasshopper's wings in Missy's right arm.

In case you ever wanted to know, the inside of a grasshopper is orange.