Friday, September 25, 2015

Photo Friday- Camp Creek Threshing Show

Sorry I missed last week.  My mom was visiting and cleaning the house took priority over getting on the blog.  Today I'm back with a new favorite end of summer family activity.  The Camp Creek Threshing Show in Waverly, NE.  We found this weekend event last year and enjoyed it so much that we went back again this year.  The boys love seeing all of the tractors (especially the John Deere).  I love spending some fun time together as a family.  I also love the memories of my childhood time on my grandparents farm that come back when I hear the engines and smell the smoke.  Here are a few of my favorites photos from our fun day.  

Geoff loved this tractor that was just his size. 

I'm sure thankful for my washing machine. 

We missed the Civil War reenactment again this year but it was fun to walk through their camp. 

I would definitely recommend visiting the Camp Creek Threshing Show if you are looking for a fun family weekend.  Next year's show is July 16-17, 2016.  Maybe we will see you there.  Thanks for stopping!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Photo Friday- Kansas City Trip

Over the next few weeks I'm planning on sharing some of our summer adventures here on Photo Friday.  I'm going to start with the most recent and work my way back.  Occasionally I will throw in some current happenings too.  The first adventure I'll be sharing with you was our trip to Kansas City.  We hadn't been down there in 3 or 4 years!  We are very lucky to have some close friends that live in Lee's Summit so we were able to stay with them. 

One of the boys' favorite things we did while visiting was play at  Lea McKeigan Park.  What a great place to burn off some energy!  They loved climbing the pyramid and riding on the zip line.  I have some great videos of the zip line and it's a wonder they didn't fall off they were going so fast!  There is a walking track around the park so Bill and I walked and talked while the boys played.  It was a great way to spend a couple of afternoons.

With four boys that love Legos of course we had to spend some time at the Lego Land Discovery Center.  They loved it!  I must say that I rather enjoyed it too.  The friends we were staying with also came along.  They are expecting their first son this winter and needed to check the place out.  Unfortunately this meant she couldn't go on any rides.  We both loved the pregnant Lego minifigure! 

We all enjoyed the 4D movie, rides, and building mosaics.  There were a lot of hands on activities that the boys enjoyed also like making a car and racing it down the ramp.  The Lego sculptures all throughout the building were amazing!  My favorite part of the exhibit was the Lego depiction of the Wizard of Oz.  It was so colorful and well done.  I may have taken a lot of photos here.

Alex really wished this was Dumbledore.  ;)


The other highlight of the Lego Discovery Center was the Star Wars sculptures.  My boys are so pumped for the new movie coming out later this year and this added to their excitement!

We also spent some time at Union Station.  We decided to divide and conquer.  My friend and I took Alex to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on the IMAX screen while Bill took the other three boys to Science City.  I didn't raid his phone for photos but I'm sure he got a few.  Which reminds me that all of these photos were taken with my iPhone 6.  I love the quality of photos I get with it and also love that it is so easy to take every where.  It was awesome seeing Harry Potter on the big screen.  Alex read all seven books in three weeks over the summer and for him to see one of the movies in a movie theatre was a real treat!  It was also a great way for my pregnant friend to get off her feet for awhile.  As an added bonus it was Harry Potter's birthday!!   


Of course you can't be in Kansas City and not have some BBQ so we enjoyed a meal at Jackstack Barbecue.  The boys LOVED the ribs and ate a ton!!  I can only imagine our food bill in a few years.  

I hope you enjoyed our little trip to Kansas City.  We had a great time and loved every bit of it.  A big thank you to our friends for letting us crash at their place.  It's not easy letting four little boys take over your home.  Thanks for stopping!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Photo Friday- Along Came a Spider

If you know me then this post will seem very unlikely.  I am VERY scared of spiders.  I will scream, jump, and run away from any spider (large or small).  Just ask my boys.  If I find one in the house they are the first to know.  So when one of my boys called me outside to see a spider you might be surprised that I would go and take my camera.  As much as spiders scare me there is something so awe inspiring seeing them outside in their webs.  I have even been known to watch a spider spin a web (in the safety of my home behind glass of course).  Taking these photos was much easier thanks to my zoom lens.  There is NO WAY I'd ever get this close to a spider on purpose.  I hope you can see the beauty in these creatures even if they scare you too.  Thanks for stopping.