Friday, September 4, 2015

Photo Friday- Along Came a Spider

If you know me then this post will seem very unlikely.  I am VERY scared of spiders.  I will scream, jump, and run away from any spider (large or small).  Just ask my boys.  If I find one in the house they are the first to know.  So when one of my boys called me outside to see a spider you might be surprised that I would go and take my camera.  As much as spiders scare me there is something so awe inspiring seeing them outside in their webs.  I have even been known to watch a spider spin a web (in the safety of my home behind glass of course).  Taking these photos was much easier thanks to my zoom lens.  There is NO WAY I'd ever get this close to a spider on purpose.  I hope you can see the beauty in these creatures even if they scare you too.  Thanks for stopping.

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