Friday, November 16, 2012

Photo Friday- Black and White Cowboy

On Sunday while we were having a fun game of Skip-Bo, Geoff decided that he wanted to be a cowboy.  He put on his vest, hat, and boots and then sat playing his Leapster and Angry Birds.  I love moments like these and especially love to capture them on camera!  The first few photos I got were in color and they just weren't doing it for me so I set my camera to black and white.  Much better.  Shooting in black and white can be so fun!  I just love the look of the black and white.  It's classic and you don't get distracted by all of the crazy colors and patterns going on.  You can see the difference in the first two photos between the color and black and white.  No black and white setting on your camera?  You can always use a photo editing program to change your photos to black and white.  So the next time your photo isn't quite what you were looking for maybe all it needs is a change to black and white.  Enjoy and thanks for stopping. 



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