Friday, December 27, 2013

Photo Friday- The 'B' Brothers

Whew!  What a whirlwind it's been the last few weeks!  Between shopping for presents, planning our Christmas meal (we hosted), wrapping presents, and cooking I've barely had time to be on the computer let alone put up a blog post!  Oh and I forgot that in the last two months I've also made over 200 cards!!  I think that's a record for me.  Now that things have quieted down a little I've found some time to get back on here. 

Today I'm sharing with you a few photos from a shoot I did earlier this week.  This shoot gave me a glimpse into my future 20 some years from now.  These four brothers and their significant others were so much fun!!  They had great ideas on posing and were just a lively fun bunch.  I can only hope when my four boys grow up they will be just as lovely a bunch as they were. 

We went to a local shopping center to take these photos.  It was a great location to grab some larger group shots and not have to worry about cleaning up the living room.  Plus the lighting was much better than your normal living room.  It was also a great way to surprise their parents with photos for Christmas!  I watched a video of them opening their gift and I cried.  Just seeing their reaction to the photos made my day.  Enough of me gabbing.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as their parents did.  Thanks for stopping!

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  1. Jenny....I've been wanting to let you know how much we love your photography expertise! The last gift under the tree this year was the best gift ever...Our Family! We were so thrilled....we will enjoy your work for years to come. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!! Mo Barth