Friday, August 22, 2014

Photo Friday- First Day of School

The day that I was both looking forward to and dreading at the same time happened this week. School started. I was looking forward to that day because my boys were ready to go back. It happens every summer a couple of weeks before school begins. Everyone gets a little on edge. That's when I know we are ready for school to start. I was also ready to have a little more time at home to get things done. That being said I was dreading that day because the time had finally arrived for all four of my kiddos to be in school. How could my baby be in kindergarten already?! Well, he is and we have all survived our first week in this new chapter of our lives. They are loving their new classes and I'm loving a little more freedom. It is REALLY quiet though. I need to get used to that. I'm hoping to share a lot more with you this year and complete a lot of projects. Keep your fingers crossed. So here are my little men on their first day of school. Thanks for stopping!

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