Friday, July 1, 2016

Photo Friday- One Fantastic Family

A Photo Friday has been long over due and I have the perfect family to showcase today.  I have been friends with Nick and Katie for over 15 years! I knew they would make awesome parents and when their little guy arrived this last November they showed me that I was right.  George is one of the sweetest little guys I've met.  He is so laid back (just like mom and dad) and maybe fussed 15 minutes total the entire weekend they were here!  The love they have for this little guy is evident in every smile and look they give him.  He is one lucky little boy and I have never seen two happier parents.  I'm so glad they came up so we could meet him and I could capture this little snippet of their family at this stage!  Not only did my house get super clean (can we say four boys make a pretty big mess and Legos aren't for 7 month olds) but we also got some wonderful photos.  Here are just a few of my favorites. Thanks for stopping!

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  1. You are amazing Jenny! We just LOVE these pictures, thank you so much! We had such a fun weekend in Omaha with you all. Hope we can do it again soon!