Friday, August 2, 2013

Photo Friday- Boys and Bugs

My boys love bugs!  It seems like every summer they have a bug that catches their attention.  This summer is no exception.  Their bug of choice this year.  The cicada (or locust).  Every time we go outside (I mean EVERY time) they have to look for a cicada, check on a cicada, listen for a cicada, act like a cicada...  You get the point.  It has been great for them to observe these bugs.  They have watched them grow out of their skeleton and have noticed that they change color as they age (bright green turning darker as they age).  Even though my boys may love bugs, I do not.  I am, however, growing used to seeing these cicadas in their different stages (I still won't touch them and when they walk in their skeleton they freak me out!).  Needless to say I've been asked to take a few pictures of their favorite bug.  Here are a few of my favorite cicada photos from this summer all courtesy of my iPhone.  Thanks for stopping!

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