Friday, November 15, 2013

Photo Friday- Carving Pumpkins

Sorry that things have been so quiet over here.  I thought with all the boys in school I'd have more time on my hands but it seems like I am always running back and forth to school for volunteering and/or picking up the littlest one from Pre-K!  Such is life I guess and things will settle down eventually. 

I know that Halloween is over but I forgot to post these photos of us carving our pumpkins!  The boys had a great time getting their hands dirty and watching the pumpkins transform from a pumpkin to a work of art.  One of the things that I try to capture when photographing our everyday happenings are the details.  I just love to see all of the little things that create our memories.  From pulling the seeds out of the pumpkin, poking the holes to transfer our design, to the squirrel up in the tree chattering at us the whole time we were carving.  These little details in these photographs are what make our memories and will make for a great page in the scrapbook (when I get there).  Thanks for stopping and have a great weekend!


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