Friday, April 12, 2013

Photo Friday- Playing With Perspective

Today I took a photography class at our zoo.  I know what you are thinking.  More zoo pictures?!  I know I post them way too much but I just love the zoo.  Anyway, I wanted to share with you the two most important things I learned at that class: 1) It's way easier to take awesome photos at the zoo without your children along.  2) Perspective matters.

So the first one is kind of a joke but still so true.  I really can't take the time to sit and change settings and wait for the 'perfect' moment to take a photo when I'm also watching my four boys.  It was so refreshing to be able to JUST TAKE PHOTOS.  As the boys get older and are all in school I think that I may just visit the zoo by myself.  :)

As for perspective.  I knew that perspective mattered.  I didn't really learn that but I learned to think of it in a new way.  We have a great butterfly house at our zoo.  I love to try to get pictures of the butterflies with their wings open.  Doesn't everyone?  That's the point.  Try to get a different perspective that not everyone is getting! 
Aren't those fun!  I just love the different angles I got and am so glad that our teacher mentioned this. 

Another thing we talked about in class is making the animals look like they are not in the zoo.  Make them look natural.  This is not a new concept to me but was a lot easier to think about without the kids.  I could move to different positions to get the shot I wanted. 
Good looking cat.  Bad looking door.  
Same cat.  Different angle.  Much better but not perfect. 

Same cat.  Zoomed in close.  Lose the background.  Love it. 

In all the cat examples the cat looked good.  What makes the bottom picture better than the other two is that it doesn't look like he's in a zoo.  So, if you can, think about what's in the background.  Sometimes this is easier said than done. 

And finally just some adorable lion cub pictures.  This one was really loving all of the attention.  Thanks for stopping and I hope you'll play with perspective the next time you go out with your camera. 

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  1. Jen, I never get sick of your zoo pictures. Keep them coming! This is a great post. I might have to check this class out. Sounds like a good one. The cubs pictures remind me of your boys. So cute! I can see one or more of them going into one of their rooms.