Friday, May 10, 2013

Photo Friday- Super Squirrel

This is not my typical subject but I just couldn't pass up taking pictures of this squirrel.  We often watch squirrels in our backyard eating crusts of bread that we throw out.  This squirrel was different though.  We could tell something was on him but couldn't tell what.  So I got out my 55-300 mm lens and started snapping away.  That's when we realized this poor little guy had some plastic around his neck/front legs.  We are really hoping that he will be OK but this really shows that littering is not a good idea.  My boys were very concerned about the squirrel and are now even more aware of littering and how it hurts the environment.  We hope that we will see 'Super Squirrel' again just to know that he is alright.  Thanks for stopping.     

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