Friday, July 25, 2014

Photo Friday- Tractor Art

Can you believe that summer is almost over?!  Where did the time go?  All of our summer camps are over, we have one week left of swimming lessons, and we only have three more weeks and then school will be starting!  I'm ready and not ready for that at the same time.  We are trying to get as much in as we can these last few weeks before summer break is over. 

I'm not ready to post the rest of our vacation yet. The truth is I've been enjoying some good books and haven't been sorting through my photos!  That's what summer is for isn't it?  I do have a couple of photos to share today though. My parents are looking for a photo to hang in their living room and I thought maybe I could take one that they would like. Why buy art when you can create your own, right?  These are two photos I took while we visited them. I normally don't do a lot of editing but since these may or may not be hung on a wall I wanted to make them a little more artistic. So here are two of my favorite tractors photos with a few different edits of each. I hope you like them and thanks for stopping. 

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