Friday, January 17, 2014

Photo Friday- Star Wars Family Date Night

When I found out that our local Children's Museum was having a Star Wars Family Date Night I knew that we would have to go.  I put it on the calendar and told the boys and they said, 'Do we get to come along?'  They thought it was only for adults because it was a 'date night'.  :)  When I explained that it was a family date night they couldn't wait.  The night arrived and of course they had to get dressed up.  So we loaded our two Jedi's and Yoda (our oldest didn't want to dress up) in the van and headed downtown.  I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but I must admit this was pretty cool.  They had a full cast of Star Wars characters on hand who walked through the museum in formation to Star Wars music.  Then they scattered around in various areas so you could get pictures with them.  Loved it!  In addition to the characters they had a few Star Wars themed activities like 'planet smashing' (breaking open geodes) and 'using the force' (using a battery and a magnet to make copper move).  So fun.   So here are my boys and some of their favorite characters.  You'll even get to see Yoda do a little grocery shopping!  Thanks for stopping!

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