Friday, March 22, 2013

Photo Friday- Randomness

I had no idea what to put up for today's Photo Friday so you are getting a little bit of everything.  First up are some more zoo pictures.  I know I post those all the time but I finally got some cute ones of the lions and their cubs!  Look at that eye contact!  It's like they knew I was taking their picture.  

Next up are some fun bokeh pictures.  No idea what bokeh is?  Check out this post where I talk about it in more detail.  Most of the pictures I take are going to end up in a scrapbook (someday) and I'm always looking for ways to make those pictures more creative.  These photos of my son and my niece are just perfect!
 And finally, some of my favorite Instagram photos over the last couple of weeks.

I told you that was going to be random!  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today's Photo Friday.  Thanks for stopping!

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