Friday, February 1, 2013

Photo Friday- Everyday Life

Lately, I've been seeing a lot about everyday life photos.  Becky Higgins is looking for your everyday pictures here and photographers are even offering sessions in your home to catch these everyday moments.  I like to think that I do a pretty good job capturing those moments, but a lot of the time they are only on my phone.  It's always there and ready to catch a quick shot.  The past few weeks though, I've really been trying to make sure that I'm capturing these moments not only on my phone, but also with my DSLR.  That's why I have it so why not put it to use.  These everyday moments need to get documented just as much, if not more, than those special occasions.  After all, these moments are what life is all about!  So here is a glimpse into our everyday life from the past few weeks.   

Zach making french toast.
He was very careful to make sure it wasn't burning.  It tasted GREAT!
My three boys with their three PAW awards all on the same day.
Time for Chutes and Ladders (with Candy Land men because we don't have enough boy characters in Chutes and Ladders and no one wants to be a girl).  
Lego podiums to show the outcome of the game.
A rousing game of Johnny Tractor's Golden Apple Harvest.
I love the tractor pieces in this game.
Alex patiently waiting his turn.
Geoff actually fell asleep this way.  No Photoshop needed. 
These photos are nothing fancy.  They are not edited because neither is life.  They show a side of my boys that I love.  But most importantly they show moments I want to remember forever.  I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our life.  Don't forget to record your own everyday moments.  Someday you will be glad you did.  Thanks for stopping!


  1. Love this entire post! Geoff's picture is priceless! No one wanting to be a girl is how it is at my house. Of course, besides me...LOL!