Friday, February 15, 2013

Photo Friday- Little Miss Oakley

Last week while back for my grandmother's funeral I was able to meet my newest niece, Oakley, for the first time.  She is adorable!  I love all of that hair!!  It was so fun to see my brother and his wife taking such good care of their little sweetie.  She was so good and took naps on almost every one's shoulder.  Of course I had to get my camera out a few times and catch those super sweet moments. 

While on our trip we took a side trip to visit my dad's aunt.  She is the sister of my grandma who passed away a few years ago (before I was really into photography).  I really wish that I had taken more photos of her.  This was the next best thing.  I love seeing her hands holding Oakley.  She is 90 years old and I love thinking of what her hands have done and what Oakley still has yet to learn.  So beautiful.  Needless to say Oakley stole her heart too! 

And finally Oakley got a chance to stretch for awhile.  Boy did she love it!!  The boys also enjoyed watching her.  They had a little cold so they weren't able to hold her and they were bummed about that.  They could lay on the floor and watch her though.  They sure enjoyed watching her move and watch them.  What great memories for these cousins. 

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of little miss Oakley.  I'm hoping to get another layout on the blog tomorrow so stay tuned for that.  Thanks for stopping!

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